Two Track, Angus, Julia, Alison

First Angus and Julia Stone. Gentle song. I think they are New Zealanders.

Second is an interesting song, Almost Blue.  Written by Elvis Costello, he did it first, and I’ve heard a great version he did with Chet Baker, before Baker died.  Chet Baker’s trumpet playing is perfect for it.  Costello’s wife, the jazz pianist and singer, Diana Krall does a good version, but this version, by Alison Moyet, is my favourite.  She doesn’t gig much but I saw her a few years ago with Jools Holland and she was outstanding . Totally gorgeous too.  Her smoky, powerful voice does this really well.


Two tracks – two I know, sort of

This is Helena Maybery who gave a great perfomance in Stratford a couple of wekends ago.

And this is Tin Spirits:


Two Melancholy tracks

I once was about 20 years of age, give or take. If you told me then that one day I’d like country music I wouldn’t have believed you. But now I’m older, fatter, and fret about the state of the world like I never did. Now I weed my garden and daily watch my hairline recede, by the foot. Somewhere along that line I discovered John Prine and John Prine fits me these days. He is the comfortable coat I wear outside on a cold day. The melancholy humour of his lyrics and his gentle pace pretty much fits this post mid-life-crisis-guy I’ve become. So here’s two tracks from the album “Fair and Square”.  You should buy the album.  Surprisingly often John Prine sings songs exactly how I feel.  But these days I’m often less surprised about that. Go figure that out.

I love the lyrics to this one  – “stuck like the tick of a clock that’s come unwound… again”

Two tracks – Voices

Here’s two voices to compare:

George Ezra is a young guy with a voce older than his years. Very distinctive.

The second is Ray Lamontagne. I saw him a year or two ago. No voice like it – no voice does lost love better.

Two Tracks – Lyle Lovett

Two Lyle Lovett tracks – no reason, I’m just listening to a lot of his stuff right now. A nice blur between country and other genres, always great lyrics, performed his own way, with no excuses.

Nice visuals with this second one




Two Tracks – Virtuosity

I bet there aren’t many ways to link KT Tunstall and Danny Kaye.  But both today’s tracks give me a thrill from the sheer talent oozing from the musical constructs.  First here’s KT Tunstall using her wonderful loop machine.  I love watching her use this, and working out the bars and considering how she must have rehearsed and planned this.

And here’s something a  little older – your first instinct, as was mine was,  would be “well this is a little corny” – but then take in the skill and the enjoyment these two dudes are having – I think that’s sheer talent too. and at 1.42, Louis Armstrong and Danny Kaye use a little KT Tunstall looping of their own, in a way. Enjoy, it’s a lot of fun.


Two tracks – Charlie Haden

Double bass players don’t get much attention. Regrettably Charlie Haden has just died, so for the wrong reasons he’s centre stage.  Charlie played right across the jazz genres with a huge range of musicians as happy doing the jazz standards but also on occasion way out there with avant garde stuff.  Here’s a couple of tracks.

In this second he adds real depth to what would otherwise be a little light.